The Story of Sing Kong Chui

The History

Back in the early days, Sarawak did not have much cars and roads. The transportation facilities were outdated and medical clinics were rare in Sarawak, especially in rural areas.

Our founder Ting Ung Kee, a devoted Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, noticed that a lot of the villagers’ sicknesses were mainly stomachache, diarrhea and nausea. These sicknesses were caused by the local geography and the tropical climate.

Many villagers could not conveniently seek medical help. They had to take boat rides via the river just to get to the town centre. In 1950, Ting Ung Kee used his knowledge in TCM and formulated a herbal remedy specifically for this issue.

This herbal remedy was named Ubat Sakit Perut Cap Rusa Sing Kong Chui. Sing Kong Chui translates to “liquid with godly power” for its wonderful efficacy in treating stomachache, diarrhea and nausea.

The Creation Process

Sing Kong Chui was made from over 13 different Traditional Chinese herbs and spices, developed based on their individual medicinal properties. This remedy was not found in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, so it is a completely new creation, designed for our hot and humid environment.

The herbs and spices were picked according to its ratio, washed and cleaned, and then brewed for hours. After brewing, the liquid is filtered and filled into tiny glass bottles. Ting Ung Kee insisted on using glass bottles because glass does not react with the ingredients. The tiny size of the bottles makes it easy for people to bring out and consume whenever necessary.

Ting Ung Kee also personally visited all the rural areas in Sarawak using a river boat to bring Sing Kong Chui to those who couldn’t easily travel to nearby townships.


First GMP-certified Facility in East Malaysia

70 years ago, the production process of Sing Kong Chui was all manual, time-consuming and labour-intensive.

As our demand for efficiency and safety get higher and higher, we decided to get machines and electronics to help with the production. It is definitely a step in the right direction because now Sing Kong Chui can be made to supply the market demand, with faster speed, better quality and consistency.

In 1998, our manufacturing facility became the first to get GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification in East Malaysia. We also changed the Chinese name of Sing Kong Chui to mean “liquid with extended power” to meet the registration criteria.


Loved by Everyone

After 70 long years of helping people feel better, Sing Kong Chui is well-known among residents of East Malaysia. It can be found in pharmacies, sundry shops and supermarket in Sabah and Sarawak.

It has become a habit where everyone would bring some bottles whenever there’s an upcoming trip. The tiny bottle design is convenient to be put in bags and luggages. 

Many East Malaysians will also bring Sing Kong Chui to other countries like Australia, Canada, Singapore, etc. when they go overseas to study or work.

Sunday Star 6th May 2012
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