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TCM Herbal Prescription

Having one of the most readily-available collection of herbs in Sarawak, Poh Guan Hong’s trained staffs can effortlessly fill your herbal prescriptions. The TCM herbs can be sliced, ground, made into pills and capsules according to your needs.

After 60 years of business-running, every customer rated highly and trusted Poh Guan Hong in regards to the high quality of our TCM herbs.


Resident TCM Physician

Mr Ting Dor Hoh – the Grandson of Poh Guan Hong’s founder continues his grandfather’s legacy by providing the usual services and more by utilizing some Western methods too. Apart from being specialized in TCM Internal Medicine, Acupuncture, GuaSha, Chinese Health Massage, Glassfire Cupping, and Herbology, he also measures blood pressure and blood sugar level for customers.

Over-the-Counter Medicine

Poh Guan Hong is an East-meet-West type Chinese Pharmacy. The extensive range of over-the-counter (OTC) products being sold definitely brings convenience for customers, as they do not need to go through different pharmacies to get everything they want. Also, all the OTC products sold are being approved by the Ministry of Health as a proof of quality and safety. Apart from OTC products by other medical merchants, Poh Guan Hong also sells 12 of its self-developed OTC products.


High Quality Food and Delicacies

Apart from TCM herbs, you can get high quality food products like five spice powder, peppercorns, jujubes, mushrooms, dried longan etc. to help you with your cooking needs. You can also get luxury delicacies and supplements such as the Bird’s Nest Soup, Ginseng, Sea Cucumbers, Scallops etc.

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