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Our extensive range of popular medicinal products sold here brings much convenience for you so that you don’t need to go through different pharmacies to get what you want.

Through our brands, we are also selling our own-developed medicinal products, many of which are well-known in East Malaysia. For example, the best-selling Sing Kong Chui Cap Rusa, Chuen Sen Xing Ren Almond Syrup, and Teh Herba Misai Kucing Shek Ling Siau etc. They have been approved by the Ministry of Health as a proof of quality and safety. Plus, you can get many high quality food products too.

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Our Own Brands:
Rusa Brand
Chuen Sen Brand
Kambing Brand
Self Branded

Medicinal Products

Sing Kong Chui

Ubat Sakit Perut Sing Kong Chui

Ubat Sakit Perut Cap Rusa Sing Kong Chui is a medicine developed by our late founder. Made with 13 variety of Traditional Chinese herbs, Sing Kong Chui is used to treat mild stomachache, cold, bloating and nausea. Sing Kong Chui is very well-known in Sabah and Sarawak. It is currently our top selling product and the icon for our business.

Almond Syrup

Xing Ren Almond Syrup

Chuen Sen Xing Ren Almond Syrup, an almond syrup is used in suppressing cough, eliminating phlegm, moistening lungs and beautifying skin. It contains many beneficial proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Adding some almond syrup to drinks like water, milk, soya milk can bring out a unique fragrance and taste.

Sore Throat Powder

Serbuk Sakit Tekak Throat Powder

Serbuk Sakit Tekak Cap Rusa is an herbal powder spray traditionally used in various oral diseases (e.g. swollen throat, diphtheria, tongue disease, sore gums etc.) for killing pain, reducing inflammation, clearing heat and removing toxicity. The small bottle design is made specifically to be carried around.

Tian Chin Ko

Tian Chin Ko Whitening Cream

Our Tian Chin Ko Cap Rusa Whitening Cream is often used to remove undesirable dark spots or moles to achieve a better physical appearance or facial characteristic. This is a highly sought-after and highly rated product among female customers due to its astounding effect.

Ubat Buang Angin

Ubat Buang Angin Cap Chuen Sen

Ubat Buang Angin Cap Chuen Sen is an internally-used medicated liquid to relieve flatulence and indigestion. It is also used to relieve stomach pain and nausea too. The fact that it is made purely from natural herbs make it mild and very safe for consumption. Keep one handy at home in caseof relevant illness and have some peace of mind.

Misai Kuching

Misai Kucing Shek Ling Siau

Teh Herba Misai Kucing Cap Kambing Shek Ling Siau is made from a local herbal plant Misai Kucing, known for its diuretic properties. This herbal tea is for those who have abnormal urination, kidney stone, diabetes, high blood pressure or urinary tract inflammation. It is also useful to be consumed as a herbal tea to remove heat from the body.

Xiao Er Medicated Powder

Rusa Brand Xiao Er Medicated Powder is used mainly as the treatment for kids or children. This medicated powder is used for relieving pain due to teething and having white spots inside the mouth, which caused difficulties during breastfeeding. This can also be used on kids with sleeping troubles.

Green Grass Ointment

Our Salap Angin Cap Rusa (Green Grass Ointment) is applied externally to relieve sore muscle, joint pain, strained muscle and swelling. It can also be used as an anti-inflammation medicine. Our customers love using it to deter mosquitoes and relief mosquito bites too.

Po Ho Chui

Peppermint Syrup Po Ho Chui

Ubat Batuk Cap Rusa Po Ho Chui is a peppermint cough syrup. It is used for the treatment of cold, cough, and for eliminating phlegm. Its peppermint flavor gives a cool, fragrant effect when consumed. After consumption, the body will feel better and comfortable.

Tze Tung Oil

Minyak Ubat Urut Tze Tung Oil

Minyak Ubat Urut Cap Rusa is an externally-applied medicated oil used traditionally to relieve muscular pain, joint pain, sprained muscle, bruise and swelling. Many people keep a few bottles at home because bumps and falls tend to happen very often.

Ubat Air Luka Ringan

Ubat Air Luka Ringan Cap Rusa

Ubat Air Luka Ringan Cap Rusa, a liquid hemostatic medicine, can be used to heal mild wound from cuts, scratches, burns and help stop the bleeding. Its anti-inflammation property can kill the pain and speed up the healing process. For some peace of mind, keep one bottle at home so that wounds can be treated with minimal delay.

Liu Chu San

Cap Rusa Liu Chu San

Ubat Babi Dan Ayam Cap Rusa Liu Chu San, a medicine made specially for domestic animals. When the animals are experiencing any illness, infertility or loss of appetite, Ubat Babi Dan Ayam can be fed to them by mixing it with their food. This animal medication is safe to be used as it does not contain any anesthetic ingredients.

Cooking Spices

White Pepper

Pure Sarawak Pepper

Serbuk Lada Asli Cap Rusa is our own range of Sarawak peppercorn and pepper powder, famous for their an unrivalled fragrance and taste. Our pepper products are 100% pure and processed without any additives. Both black and white pepper are available to buy in forms of peppercorns and powder.

Mixed Spices Powder

Mixed Spices Powder

Our mixed spices powder is made with various high quality spices in an optimum ratio, carefully mixed, roasted and ground to form a balance of five taste sensations – sweetness, sourness, savouriness, spiciness and bitterness. Due to their great taste and fragrance, they have become one of our best selling products.

Herbal Soup Packs

Bazhen Soup Warm Large

Bazhen Soup

Bazhen soup (Eight Rarity Soup) is our best-selling herbal soup pack. Many people love to drink it since young. It is made up of two recipes of soup, Sijunzi soup (Four Gentlemen soup) and Siwu soup (Four Substance soup). Our Bazhen soup is evenly proportioned with sufficient ingredients, and the taste is authentic. When paired with Fuzhou noodles, it turns into a delicious Foochow dish.

Cordyceps Flower Lung Nourishing Soup

Cordyceps Flower Soup

Cordyceps Flower soup is made using Cordyceps flowers. They are actually a type of fungus/mushroom. Renowned for their role in promoting healthy cognitive function, Cordyceps flowers also help strengthen your immune system and revitalise your body with its anti-ageing properties. The Cordyceps flowers we use are of high quality. The soup will look pretty with its orangey hue and it will taste great too.

Clever Soup

Clever Nourishing Soup

Our Clever Nourishing Soup is thoughtfully formulated to help improve brain function and prevent cognitive decline. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our brain's well-being impacts our entire body, from emotions to intellect. For anyone that is experience forgetfulness, headaches, or difficulties in focus, it's time to nourish your brain with this herbal soup! Suitable for professionals, students, homemakers, mums, and seniors, this soup can be your mental ally, helping you stay sharp and resilient.

Chinese Yam Soup

Chinese Yam Soup

Our Chinese Yam Lung Nourishing Soup contains nutritious Chinese Yam, Codonopsis, Gojiberries, Astragalus, Angelica root etc., all of which are amazing healthy ingredients for soup. In addition to moisturizing the lungs and removing dryness, it is also beneficial in enhancing qi while nourishing bodily fluid. The ingredients also make the soup naturally sweet and delicious. Most of our customers would make stew with chicken, pork ribs, and even rabbit! The ingredients can also be used in making paper-wrapped chicken.

Ginseng Chicken Soup

Ginseng Chicken Soup

Ginseng boasts over 30 saponins that offer benefits like boosting energy, enhancing immunity, and combatting fatigue. We have combined ginseng with a mix of Chinese herbs like astragalus, codonopsis, yuzhu, and chuanxiong, creating a balanced Ginseng Chicken Soup pack. With every comforting sip, you will experience a revitalizing surge of vitality and a renewed sense of well-being. Elevate your daily nourishment with our Ginseng Chicken Soup and embrace a healthier, more vibrant you!

Fish Maw Soup

Fish Maw Soup

Our Fish Maw Anti-aging soup contains fish maw, American ginseng, lotus seeds, Chinese yam, Polygonatum japonica, gojiberries and mushrooms, which are traditionally used to nourish blood and skin. Our fish maw is high in quality and thickness. It does not smell or melt easily when cooked, and best of all, it tastes smooth and refreshing. It is also rich in collagen, vitamins and a variety of trace elements that our body needs.

Peanut Roots Soup

Peanut Roots Soup

According to the older generations, children who drinks Peanut Roots Soup can grow taller, especially during their developmental years. This soup is not just a height-boosting soup, it's also packed with lots of nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B etc. These beneficial elements directly influence brain function, stimulate brain cell activity and enhance intellectual development. Our Peanut Roots Soup is made from peanut roots, combined with various nourishing ingredients to ensure it's delicious for children too.

Dampness Detox Soup

Dampness Detox Soup

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, dampness in the body can seriously impact health, causing symptoms like fatigue, heaviness, and digestive issues. To combat this, we created the Dampness Detox Soup containing lotus seeds, coix seeds, Chinese yam, orange peel, jujubes etc. These ingredients work harmoniously, offering benefits such as nourishing the spleen, calming the mind, dispelling dampness, and promoting hydration. Try our Dampness Detox Soup and let your body regain its ease and vitality.

Anshen Soup

Anshen Soup

Anshen Soup is a wonderful soup that not only bolsters your vitality but also offers your mind some calmness. Sometimes there are difficult moments when stress seems too much and restless nights disrupt your peace, our Anshen Soup can come to the rescue. This soup boasts extraordinary properties for nurturing the liver, replenishing the lungs, and soothing the mind. You can prepare it using proteins like chicken, pork or even vegetarian meat, resulting in a harmoniously sweet and delectable flavour profile that's nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you're young or old, this soup is a heartwarming choice that brings calmness and comfort.


Ching Bo Leung

Ching Bo Leung is translated as “refreshing, nourishing, cool” As the name suggests, it is known for clearing away body heat and nourishing our body. Our Ching Bo Leung is prepared based on traditional recipe, and adjusted by our expert TCM practitioner to match local climate and needs. It contains ingredients (lotus seeds, fox nuts, Solomon's Seal, lily bulb, longan and Chinese yam) that help moistening the lungs, invigorating the spleen, clearing the heart and calming the nerves.

Morchella Soup

Morchella Chicken Soup

Our Morchella Chicken Soup pack contains very interesting-looking mushrooms called Morchella. It is considered the king of wild mushrooms because it contains nutrition that helps boost immunity, fight fatigue and sicknesses. Plus, it has wonderful taste, aroma and texture that adds so much depth and complexity to the chicken soup. Most of the Morchella sold in the market is dried. To rehydrate the mushrooms, it is best to use warm water at about 40-50°C for about 20-30minutes. The water can also be used in cooking because it retains some of the fragrance and nutrients of the mushrooms.

Ten Complete Soup

Shiquan Soup

Our Shiquan Soup contains ten nourishing Chinese herbs. Among these are the four ingredients of "Four Gentlemen Soup" as well as the four ingredients of the "Four Substances Soup", plus two extra ingredients to give he soup extra depth. Together, they form a more complete nourishing soup, providing support for your well-being. Whether you're dealing with weakened vitality due to a hectic lifestyle or simply want to bolster your immune system for daily challenges, our delicious Shiquan Soup will back you up to keep you at your best.

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