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Established for over 80 years, Poh Guan Hong has been providing health assistance to thousands of Malaysians every year through professional TCM practices and high quality products.

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TCM Herbal Prescription

Having one of the most wide and readily-available collection of high quality medicinal herbs in Sarawak, we can effectively fulfil all your TCM prescriptions. We are also fully equipped for slicing, grinding, making pills and capsules for your prescription needs.


Medicinal Products

Here you can get over hundreds of medicinal products, everything from anti-itching creams, throat lozenges, fish oil to cough syrup. We also stock many of our own-developed medicinal products, one of them is our 70 year-old, famous throughout East Malaysia - Ubat Sakit Perut Sing Kong Chui.


High Quality Food and Delicacies

Apart from TCM herbs, you can also get high quality food products like mixed spice powder, Sarawak peppercorns, herbal soup mix, chicken essence and luxury delicacies such as the bird’s nest, cordyceps, ginseng, sea cucumbers and dried scallops etc.


TCM Manufacturing Facility

Our GMP-certified traditional medicine manufacturing facility was established in 1998 to produce TCM products not only for ourselves, but also for other TCM companies. Our facility is equipped with machineries to produce medicine liquids, powders, and ointments that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

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